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Pulcinella va in Canada ospite di un progetto dell'Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Montreal.
4 luglio - Parc Dante
219 Rue Dante, Montréal, Quebec
5 luglio - Istituto Italiano di Cultura
1200, Avenue du Docteur Penfield
6 luglio - Marche Jean Talon


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... in 2001 to go to Paris I made my first light "castelet". I took him with me by train, in a 6-berth bunk and slept together :-)
The first day I went to perform in a park but a cop came to chase me away. A child helped me to explain myself with the policeman, but I had to leave anyway.
With my partner, we start doing shows on the street. Me with Pulcinella and her with the Accordion. We went to the "Center Pompidou", to the "Pont Neuf" (I loved Juliette Binoche very much and that bridge was very impressive for me for a movie I have watched). Once while we were performing at "Canal Saint-Martin" they hired us to do a show in a nursery school. With that money, we travelled to Normandy with a very dear friend, also a puppeteer. Then there was the park of the Goutte d 'or in Barbes, but it was the "Pont des Arts" that gave us the most beautiful gifts and where we stopped until the departure. I remember very well the boats passing be…

Montreal 7 Luglio 2018 - Carifesta

Pulcinella was very lucky to meet this wonderful parade in Montreal. The Caribbean community marched in downtown and I took some pictures...